Boiler Treatment

Treatment Program for a safe and optimally efficient boiler

Boilers are a very valuable asset and can be expensive to operate. A properly designed and implemented boiler treatment program can keep the boiler, economizers, piping, condensate return, and all other aspects of the system in safe and optimally efficient condition. Corrosion and deposition are the primary points of interest and they must be addressed at different stages of the process:


  • After analyzing your unique raw make-up water, we will develop a chemical or mechanical program to remove or manipulate various parameters to optimal levels to control scaling / deposition or corrosion. Among others, these parameters include alkalinity, dissolved gases, silica, magnesium, carbonate, and calcium.
  • The treated water is then de-aerated using heat and / or an oxygen scavenger. If oxygen remains in the feedwater once it enters the boiler, the heat and pressure will force it out of solution and it becomes extremely corrosive. This free oxygen leads to significant pitting and corrosion. It is critical to select the proper oxygen scavenger based on the application of steam and the materials it will contact. We carry a wide array of oxygen scavengers from traditional sulfite to DEHA based chemistries.


  • Once the treated feedwater has entered the boiler, proper operating conditions and blowdown cycles are critical in minimizing corrosion and deposition / scale. Blowdown schedules and cycles of concentration will be determined as a part of your program. The goal is to minimize water consumption and maximize heat transfer efficiency. We utilize special polymers to solubilize scale forming material and “boiler sludge” which are disposed of in blowdowns.

Steam / Condensate Return

  • Carbonic acid is formed from carbon dioxide and bicarbonate in steam. This low pH condensate water is highly corrosive and must be treated appropriately to avoid damaging condensate return lines. Generally, a neutralizing amine is used for this application and we carry several of these products.


  • Boilers inevitably will have to be taken offline due to service, lack of demand, or plant shutdowns. When this happens, it is critical to appropriately treat the boiler so it can be reliably returned to service without issue. We carry simple application products and consulting for these situations.

Monitoring and Service

Our monitoring and service plan will keep your boiler in efficient, safe, working order.

We also offer Cooling Water System Treatment and Wastewater Treatment in South Carolina, North Carolina & Georgia.



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